Friday, February 26, 2010

Russ Meyer's Supervixens


In the world that Russ Meyer created there’s no such thing as A cups (or B or C cups for that matter). The king of softcore has particular tastes and he makes it known right from the get go. Huge tits are the name of the game in Supervixens and these vixens are SUPER. Superangel, Superlorna, Supercherry, Superhaji, Supersoul, Supereula and Supervixen to be precise.

Clint is just a poor schlep working at a gas station. His crazy girlfriend calls him constantly and threatens to burn down the house if he doesn’t come home to “service” her. A fight involving an axe leads to angel bringing her cop savior, Harry (Charles Napier to bed. He murders her and makes it look like Clint did it. Clint goes on the lamb, yet somehow manages to find every single big breasted beauty along the way.

Remember me, I played the voice of Duke Phillips on the critic

He goes to a bar, huge tits. He gets picked up while hitchhiking, huge tits. He rents a room at a motel, huge tits. He does some work on a farm; you guessed it, huge tits. What’s most impressive is Clint’s self control at all these women throwing themselves at him. It’s an impressive feat to say the least. His Journey finds him at a truck stop where he meets Supervixen (a spitting image of Superangel, though he seems not to notice) and things go well for a while. And along comes Harry, what happens next is too insane to even describe. This is pretty standard fare for Meyer, what typically starts as a fun romp turns insane. It’s great fun and Meyer never lets you forget this.

Harry's idea of a good time is tying up big tittied ladies and trying to blow them up with dynamite

So grab the kiddies, lock them in the other room and enjoy a fun night of booby watching and crazy antics!

10 out of 10

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