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“Budweiser you created a monster and they call me Drinkenstein”

In the annals of history every now and again there comes a film so bad it earns the distinction of being “the worst movie ever made”. Rhinestone is one of these films, but I think with time comes appreciation. Upon watching Rhinestone for a second time nearly seventeen years after the first time I saw it I have to admit, It was a lot of fun. Then again I do have a bit of an affinity for the shitty crap cinema you’ve come to expect from me here.

How could anyone consider THESE bad?

Jake (Dolly Parton, size 40 DD) is a country girl working in a New York honkey tonk (disco?) called the Rhinestone. Her sleaze ball boss Freddie (Ron Leibman) wants her in the sack and she wants out of her deliberately shitbox contract. To this end she proposes a wager; he can pick one normal average New Yorker (I didn’t realize they existed…I kid New York! I kid!) and give her two weeks and she can make him a country music singer. It’s an inspired plot stolen many times over by shitty rom com after shitty rom com, take one person and make them different. Though usually it involves taking the uncool girl and making her the “prom queen”.

The Direction on this film basically went like this "Hey Dolly, more profile please"

Enter Nick, (Stallone post not one, but TWO rocky movies) a NYC cabbie with little appreciation for country music (it’s “worse than liver”). Jake spirits him away down to Tennessee where he gets a crash course in country, She teaches him to walk, talk, “dance”, sing and perform. Stallone looks so out of place on a country stage (even during the big closing scene where he supposedly wins over the crowd) it’s 90% of the unintentional comedy. All the music is written by Dolly Parton so at least you know that’s not going to be awful, just the butchering Stallone does to it.

Hmmm, notice a trend with these pictures?

So come for the country, stay for the “comedy” and enjoy Tim Thomerson’s excellent performance as Barnett Kale, Jake’s ex. It’s a “laugh riot”?

You can make it black and white, but it doesn't make it classy

7 out of 10

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