Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Double Trouble - Behold...The Barbarian Brothers

Double Trouble
Starring: The Barbarian Brothers
Directed by: John Paragon

At some point in the 80’sstudios got it in their head that bulging muscles equaled box office gold, Thanks a lot Arnold! Next thing we know we’ve got a pair of steroid abusing, mullet sporting, brain dead twins named Peter and David Paul (AKA the barbarian brothers) filling our poor eyeholes with this drivel. The only discernable difference between the two of them is the size of their mullets; Peter’s a slightly bigger.

Much like Tony Danza, the Paul brothers seem most at ease when playing characters named Peter and David and they do in Double Trouble. Dave is a straight-laced cop (who’s somehow on the edge?) who seems to perpetually be in the same midriff exposing Oakland Raiders sweatshirt and comically high acid washed jeans. Here’s the kicker, Peter plays a seemingly inept, yet surprisingly cocky cat burglar (GET IT? THEY’RE THE SAME, BUT OPPOSITE!!) who steals a bank key card (though the moron doesn’t know what he has) from the wrong motherfucker. That’s not the only “twist” though because the slightly more charismatic, yet idiotic, Peter gets partnered up with his brother to catch the baddies.

This isn't from the movie, I just wanted to make note of the different mulletts

The Bad guy comes courtesy of Roddy Mcdowall, I’m assuming he must have been pretty desperate to accept this role that is obviously below his talent range. Either that or something in the script must have spoken to his need to make a shitty flick every now and again.

The saddest part is that the movie is actually kind of enjoyable in some sick demented sort of way, the jokes are just on the right side of juvenile and the barbarian brothers do play well off each other. Double Trouble also boasts the single most laughable twin on twin fight scene, which happens to feature a couple of padded out stunt men rolling down the stairs.

Throw in a couple of cameos by David Carradine as Mr. C, Robert Stack as an asshole detective who gets clobbered by David and James Doohan (star trek’s Scotty) who “gave her all he got”. Its funny this thing was directed by a man named Paragon, I wonder if he realizes what that means and maybe if he did it would inspire him to make a better flick

So double your pleasure, double your fun or something like that.

7 out of 10, great for watching alone or making fun of with friends

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