Monday, February 1, 2010

Kill Squad - 12 Hands...12 Feet... 24 Reasons to Die!

Kill Squad (AKA code of honor)
Directed by: Patrick G Donahue

It’s a fact that everyone in the 70’s knew how to kung fu fight! If you don’t believe me watch Kill Squad. It seems that everywhere the 6-man squad goes they get attacked at all angles. It’s amazing; steelyards, rodeos, construction sites, parking lots, street corners, and the odd pool party are all brimming with copious amounts of kung fu fighting people (both men and women, I’m surprised no kids attacked them) ready to take on the paramilitary crew without hesitation.

Now you’re probably asking why the hell these folks are getting attacked constantly. Well that’s a little complicated, the leader of this “Kill Squad” gets attacked and we find out that it’s because a rival electronics company is trying to force his hand in selling his business. Yes you heard me right, an ELECTRONICS COMPANY attacked him. That’s like if Bernie put out a hit on the whiz! Seeing as nobody beats the whiz he gathers up his team from the Vietnam War and gets his revenge on!

hey why are those two cars just parked in the middle of the...oh

A better name for this film would have been “Stereotype Squad”. You’ve got your black guy (not to be outdone they actually have TWO black stereotypes, the pimp and the black intellectual), the Jap, the Jew, the clown and the muscle bound tough guy. Let’s also not forget the leader who’s a stereotypical rich white guy. The best part of the movie is the fight scenes, the kung fu is actually pretty great and bosh and me noted while watching this that the fight scenes are arguably better than the scenes in Ninja Assassin. They’re certainly shot better.

Mix in a “shocking twist” ending that you’ll probably figure out about halfway through the flick and an entirely under whelming cameo by Cameron Mitchell (per usual) and you’ve got yourself a surprisingly fun filled action flick that you may actually want to watch a second time.

Moe: 8 out of 10
Bosh: 7 out of 10

(I'm actually kind of proud this is in my collection, it's an amazing find)


  1. Hilarious Review, Moe! Great Pics!

    I actually saw Kill Squad at a drive-in years ago.

  2. Sam, Thanks! I'm just a tad young to have been able to enjoy the fun times of a drive in, but I'm trying to keep the love of the crazy ass flicks alive! If you liked this you should read my Zapped! review and our Direct Reviews, they're a lot of fun too.

  3. 12 Hands...12 Feet... 24 Reasons to Die!

    Great Movie and killer tagline!