Friday, December 31, 2010

My Personal Top 5 Podcasts

As a podcast host myself, I listen to an ungodly number of podcasts. I enjoy them more than TV sometimes. I ride my bike/bus to work everyday and so I have a lot of time to listen to these things. I'm sure as avid readers of mine and listeners of my show you'd love to hear about what shows I listen to regularly...

So without further interruption here are the top 5 podcasts...according to me.  You may be asking yourself why should you care which podcasts I like? FUCK YOU, that's why!

5.) The Pod F Tompkast - Funnyman Paul F. Tompkins has finally answered the sirens call that is, the comedy podcast. Being only 5 episodes in makes this one an easy choice because I can still remember every episode so far. Paul eschews the traditional "man with a mic" podcast format and rather sets his show up like it's some kind of bawdy night of fun. Mixing his stand up with skits and humorous monologues Tompkins manages to keep the audience's attention for the full length of the show.

4.) Tell 'em Steve Dave - Brian Johnson (Kevin Smith film regular) hosts this, one of the MANY Smodcast network shows, seriously there's like 12 of them. TESD spends a lot of time on the rocky and sometimes downright cruel relationship between Brian and his lady. The only reason why i wouldn't/couldn't recommend Steve Dave to any, but the most avid podcast listeners is the exceptionally long run time of the show. Usually running in around an hour and a half per episode, it can run as long as two hours. A very funny show regardless. (Note: Smodcast is actually a better show, but if you've heard Kevin Smith talk about Kevin Smith then there's no need for further explanation.)

3.) Doug Loves Movies - Super High Me's Doug Benson hosts this wacky movie podcast. Typically taped live in front of an audience after Comedy Death Ray, Doug invites several of his comedian friends on and they discuss new releases and movies they've recently watched. The crowning achievement of DLM is the Leonard Maltin Game, it's sort of like "name that tune" but with IMDB movie lists. Doug uses choice quotes from Maltin reviews as hints and then they have to guess in how many names can they guess the movie in. The best part is when Doug gets angry with the guests for having to repeat the rules incessantly during the course of the game.

2.) WTF with Marc Maron - I have to admit I was never into Marc Maron as a comedian, but I also have to admit that I love listening to his tirades and diatribes. WTF is typically played out in two parts; the first bit is Marc discussing recent events in his life or pulling one man skits. The second act is when he has his guest on and they discuss whatever comes to mind. His banter with his guests is superb and he really knows how to keep the flow moving.

1.) Nerdist - Chris Hardwick is quickly become one of the best interviewers in the business. The Spry and quick witted host of G4's Web Soup is engrossing to listen to and hilarious with a joke. Nerdist, as you can guess, likes to delve into the world of nerdery quite a bit, but most often is Chris discussing his life long love affair with comedy. If you ever wondered how to break in to the world of comedy then Nerdist may very be the show for you. Hardwick loves to discuss with his guests who their inspiration have been and how they broke in to the biz. Nerdist does keep it real on the nerd front too though, just check out his amazing interview with Mythbuster Adam Savage or with the 11th Doctor Matt Smith for prime examples.

If 5 is too many shows to check out (I listen to 11, so stop being a pussy!) and you just want to check out one, I'd say go with Nerdist. Unless you're a stoner and then Doug Loves Movies might be your best bet.

On a final note about podcasts, Season 2 of Drunk on VHS will begin airing soon sop keep your ears out for that one!