Thursday, December 31, 2009

Introduction/ a brief explanation of disturbitude and a warning!

Welcome my friends to my year in disturbing movies. Allow me, if you will in this weekly segment, to bombard your brain with some of the most disturbing imagery that some of the most disturbing filmmakers have ever put to celluloid. I bet you’re wondering why I would put myself through this sort of thing. I like to test myself; I’ve put myself through marathons of terrible movies on purpose. I’ve watched all the police academy films in one day. It’s just something I enjoy doing. It’s a great challenge and an honor to find the worst of the worst in disturbing cinema and put myself through it and then report to you my findings. I will admit a lot of these films I’ve seen already, but that’s how I know they’re so screwed up.

Disturbitude is a scale I created to describe the attitude of a disturbing film. How much is a filmmaker trying to get you in therapy? How successful are they? This all boils down to a 1-10 scale where 1 = either trying really hard and failing miserably, or not trying at all and 10 = mission accomplished, you’ll be checking in to the local mental health care facility after you’ve watched this, or perhaps even during.

A WARNING! – There will be spoilers in my reviews; I will be going into great detail of the disturbing scenes I will be watching. I do not, however, feel this is a bad thing because we all know that with this sort of thing, seeing is believing!

Also if you like what you read and feel that you have people who would enjoy my year in disturbing film or any of my film reviews, please feel free to pass this page on to them.

World's Greatest Dad - Profound

Let me pose a question; is it all right to lie if the lie turns out to be beneficial to a lot of people? Maybe I can explain that better. Lets say there’s this kid and no one likes him. He’s a pervert who’s borderline mentally handicapped. He is what most people would refer to as a douche bag. His favorite thing in life is a vagina, though it is a safe assumption that he’s a virgin. This boy likes to experiment while masturbating and peeps on his neighbors while they’re changing. Now let’s say in the act of autoerotic asphyxiation he accidentally kills himself. Ok now let’s say you’re the boy’s father and in one last act of kindness you decide to pen a suicide note for the boy and make it all seem like he was a tortured soul. The note leaks and people ask if the boy has written anything else. You, as the boy’s father, decide to take up the pen once again and write a journal for your now practically worshipped, completely idolized son….

(a new teen sensation or a twisted little pervert)

Here’s the basic dilemma in world’s greatest dad. No one likes Kyle Clayton. No one even particularly likes Kyle’s father Lance (Robin Williams). The story noted above takes place and this note and journal begin to affect people. One boy finds the courage to admit that he’s gay and later admits that he contemplated suicide, but the note and journal stopped him from doing it. The token Goth girl posthumously falls in love with Kyle. His image adorns everyone and practically everything in the school and they even want to rename the library after him. Now I pose the question again, Is it all right to maintain a lie when it’s creating a positive benefit for the masses? This is not a question for me to answer though, it can only be answered by one man, Lance Clayton and answer it he does.

Now here’s my aggravation, Robin Williams was in two movies in 2009. Bet you didn’t know that? I know you’ve heard of one of them, old dogs. A film that looked so bad just seeing the trailer made me angry and world’s greatest dad. Robin Williams has been around for a long time, He’s paid his dues and frankly should be at a point in his career where he shouldn’t have to make crapfests like old dogs. Especially when he’s proven on at least a couple of occasions that the man can act, given the right material (I’m looking right at you fisher king and one hour photo). Robin Williams plays dark beautifully and in this, writer and director Bobcat Goldthwait’s newest (yes THAT Bobcat Goldtwait) film he proves once again that he can play comedy serious and not ham it up.

Goldtwait proves that when a man knows his own material inside and out it’s only he who can evoke the emotional response required for any particular scene. He does a outstanding job with the direction in world’s greatest dad and I’m personally looking forward to seeing more work from him. To think that this is the man who spent years of his career screaming and talking funny as the punch line to his joke. Actually his small cameo in the film he speaks perfectly normal and I was almost a little weirded out by that, expecting him to bust in like his Zed character on police academy. I suppose I’ll just have to get over that on my own time.

World’s greatest dad is a profound and heart wrenching dark comedy by a man taking his first steps towards his future status as master of his craft. Let’s hope he doesn’t follow this up with a sequel to hot to trot.

5 accidental suicides out of 5

Next up: We’ll see, I’ve got several to choose from, but most likely black dynamite!

P.S. I just snapped some nice up skirt photos and I’m gonna choke myself while I masturbate to them, dial 9 and 1 and if I look like I pass out dial the other 1. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sherlock Holmes - for the holidays

yes it's a tad homoerotic

Some can argue that guy Ritchie hasn’t had a real hit since 2000’s Snatch. The one thing that can’t be argued is that Guy Ritchie has always been Guy Ritchie. Say what you want, but he has a distinct visual style that pops off the screen. There are few directors in the business these days who can say the same, Maybe Wes Anderson and as much as I hate to say it, Michael Bay.

Ritchie’s Vision of Holmes is a sight to behold on a big screen. I had some mild trepidation going into this one because the trailers really make it out to be a Jerry Bruckheimer film full of chase scenes and explosions. I’m happy to say this isn’t the case and exposition takes center stage throughout. That’s not to say there are none, but they’re done tastefully and only when appropriate to the story. Speaking of which…

If you didn’t know who Sherlock Holmes was before beginning this review I suggest maybe not worrying about the film so much and picking up a book. They’re well worth the read, especially if you like a good mystery, just making a suggestion. Anyway, our good man Holmes and his right hand man/Boswell Dr. Watson have just captured Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) and he is to be put to death. His final wish is to see Holmes, Blackwood tells him that he will return from the dead and continue his work in the dark arts. That’s the entire movie, that one previous line is essentially the entire plot to the film and the devil’s in the details. The thing that was always so great about Sherlock Holmes and I feel Guy Ritchie hits this nail right on the head is that he can deduce the infinite out of the infinitesimal. By the third act things should be clicking in your head and you should be putting everything together. It’s not an incredibly complicated mystery and some details are specifically left out (as Holmes was apt to do) so that when they are revealed you say to yourself “so THAT’S why he was licking the rock” or whatever he happened to have done.

Sherlock Holmes in the books was described by Watson as “bohemian” with little care for traditional organizational habits or grooming. So in that I applaud Robert Downey Jr. in his portrayal and besides whom better to play a borderline madman genius with issues. Another forgotten and mostly overlooked aspect of Holmes is that he was the first western martial artist. Holmes was a practitioner of an eclectic and odd little gem of a form known as Bartitsu (or as it was called in Doyle’s books Baritsu). Jude Law as Watson seems a perfect fit as well; he plays the equal parts keen observer and na├»ve dupe eloquently. I was glad to see Mark Strong; he’s one of those actors you know his face and you’ve seen him before, but you just don’t remember his name. Well remember it; I’m hoping that this helps him get more high profile gigs because he deserves it.

this face

Sherlock Holmes may not be Ritchie’s best film, but it’s a perfect litmus test to see what Ritchie can do with a bigger budget. I would definitely recommend it, though it’s not entirely important you see it in theaters.

4 Genius Madmen out of 5


P.S. then after that Daybreakers or perhaps my first SWV of the year!

P.P.S. you can check out this great article on cracked about Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes here

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I’m not gonna lie. I had kinda high hopes for Miss March. I’m a fan of the show the whitest kid u’know and Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger are the two main writers on that so it’s a bit disappointing that this was such a colossal turd. Speaking of shit, I hope you like incontinence humor because there’s plenty of it. Its spread all over this bagel like, well like bird shit pushed around with your windshield wipers. Oddly enough that’s pretty much the only shit joke left out of this one.

The “story” is that of a young abstinent Eugene Bell (Cregger) and his virginal girlfriend. They decide that they’re finally going to take the plunge and make whoopee for the first time after prom. Tucker (moore) is Eugene’s best friend, he’s also horny as hell and lacks the social skills to land all but the most desperate of women. Tucker decides that the best way to get prepared for his first time is with a couple of shots, but keeps them coming and eventually poor Eugene finds himself at the bottom of a set of stairs...with a toolbox about to land on his head…followed by the bookshelf everything was sitting on. Fast forward four years and Eugene is waking from a coma. Tucker figured the easiest way to wake him is with a well placed crack with a bat. Oh did I mention that this is less than twenty minutes into the film and the one real laugh of the film has already taken place. I forgot to mention it, well really I didn’t. You see, Eugene and Tucker have this friend Phil who is an aspiring rapper who named himself “HORSEDICK.MPEG” (played by the only talented actor in this thing, Craig Robinson).

So yeah Tuckers first thought is to bring Eugene to the playboy mansion after he wakes up because they find out Eugene’s girlfriend became a playboy playmate (the titular Miss March). To fill the time between Eugene’s awaken the boys are chased by crazed firemen. Why are they being chased by crazed firemen? Thought you’d never ask because this part is probably the most deplorable part of the film. Apparently Tucker is dating a girl with epilepsy; he’s clueless to what this condition is, but is quick to correct people when they call her “handicapped” well they go out for the 13 month anniversary of the day they first “boned”. He has this whole plan to get more sex and once she’s delivering oral pleasure this is when he figures it would be the best time to show her the strobe light he installed. Yeah THAT happens and now she’s clamped down so he figures the best way to get her off is to stab her in the face with a fork, repeatedly. Her brother is an insane fireman so he puts out an “APB”, didn’t realize firemen could do that.

So there you go, a movie filled with poop and seizure blowjobs and one funny character name HORSEDICK.MPEG, the end. I looked on IMDB for some memorable quotes and there weren’t any. Seemed fitting.


Next up: probably Sherlock Holmes, unless I try to add more movies to my worst of the year list

P.S. I need a shower after watching this

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Avatar – Sexy blue cat people affect my bathing suit area

Let’s take a look back on the long and highly impressive career of Mr. James Cameron. In the course of 5 years in the eighties the man made 3 of the most recognizable names in Sci-Fi and action. The Terminator, Still my favorite of the 37 terminator movies (around that many, right?). Then he takes the reins from Ridley Scott to make Aliens, considered by many to be the best in the series. Lastly he gives us The Abyss, a classic through and through. On this alone Cameron could have easily rested on his laurels and never made another film, but rest he did not. He went on to make T2, True lies (maybe not he best work, but hey you gotta admit it’s a fun little flick) and Titanic amongst others.

A lot of people looked at his more recent work in drawing their conclusions about Avatar, Cameron’s newest. Big mistake people! James Cameron has already proven to us that he’s a master of sci-fi and he doesn’t disappoint with Avatar. Before I get going too far into the review I should note that I saw Avatar in 2-D and not in IMAX so all my opinions are based on my personal experience.

Cameron does not give you a moment to think. He immediately throws you on Pandora a small moon smaller than earth that can support life, just not ours. The atmosphere on Pandora is said to “knock you out in 20 seconds and 4 minutes later you’ll be dead”. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) had a twin brother, he died. This is a good thing for the recently paralyzed Jake because The Corporation his brother was working for has offered him the opportunity to earn some cash and even the surgery to get his legs back. You see, they made this little avatar thing specifically for his brother and now he’s dead. The only person who can control the avatar is the person it was made for, except in this case due to him being a twin, lucky right? Unfortunately, this is about the point where you’re going to start piecing the story together. It’s pretty derivative. Essentially it’s Dune, but who wouldn’t want to watch Dune again. Especially with a cast that features Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Michele Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel Moore and the incredibly badass Stephan Lang as Col. Miles Quaritch. The Col. Is the type of hard ass military man that should he find himself on fire, he might put it out as an afterthought, but only once he’s completed his objective.

The main reason why anyone is watching this is the visual FX. I have to say I was completely floored by just how great everything looked in this film. IT better look great, Cameron certainly spent enough spare change on it. Avatar is truly a film a decade in the making. Pandora is not just a set; it is a living breathing and, most importantly, feeling world. It is a world deeper than anything George Lucas has ever managed and is easily on par with middle earth (Weta worked on the FX so I cannot wait to see what else those kiwis can pull off). The natives of Pandora, a sort of giant blue cat people called the Na’vi. They can commune with nature through their tails and maintain a peaceful coexistence with the world around them. The Na’vi culture is so rich that is oozes on the screen. Many of their beliefs are taken from the Gnostics and Taoist spiritualism and hammered into place with a healthy dose of environmentalism.

The humans are there to find a rare and insanely expensive ore called Unobtanium (I’m guessing the pun is intended, everything else in the movie is). We’re the bad guys; this point is pretty much drilled into your head form moment one. And of course if we’re the baddies that means the head baddie is our good friend Col. Quaritch. One thing can be said for the good Colonel, The man is the sickest fucker in the film. You’re going to be on the edge of the seat every time he’s on screen; you ain’t ever seen a character like this. I now have a costume idea for next year, now where do I find a large cat to claw my head?

I’ve been asked if I felt the film was “anti-america”. I always reply “no” I think Cameron lets a lot of his political views find their way onto screen and there are some pretty obvious correlations made in the film, but when you step back and think about it most of the fuss makes little sense. It’s not a government starting a war for a hard to come by commodity; it’s a huge corporation with their own army of ex-military mercenaries. Regardless that’s a very little thing to quibble over. This is a “must see in theaters” movie, from what I’ve heard it’s preferable to see it in 3-D and I may try to make my way to a 3-d IMAX to see it again, but till then just know that it’s a pretty brilliant film featuring creatures that will bring back inappropriate memories of you masturbating to a certain female Thundercat when you were eleven in your old family home with the door that had no lock so you had to worry that someone might walk in on you. Oh and yes I DO have vivid memories of YOUR childhood home, I’m not talking about myself….I swear.

don't look at me like that Neytiri

4 ½ feral cat people out of 5

Next up: Sherlock Holmes and if we’re lucky the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

P.S. I need a cigarette…..

This is it, the best of the best of the best

and the worst of the worst

Here we go

Top Ten of 2009

10 - Chocolate - The story of an autistic girl who kicks all sorts of ass.

9 - Ponyo - Reviewed on this site, go check it out

8 - Anvil: The story of Anvil - A documentary about a band spending it's entire career fighting to regain the fleeting moments of fame it had at the begining (Update: since the movie hit this year they've been getting a lot of support and have even played opener for AC/DC's most recent stadium tour, good for them. I can't think of a band that deserves it more) METAL ON METAL!!

7 - Observe and Report - The OTHER (and significantly BETTER) mall cop film of 2009. a must see if you missed it.

6 - UP! - Reviewed on this site, check it out. Also this movie has made me cry with every single viewing. Damn you Pixar for making such potent material.

5 - Star Trek - JJ Abrams reinvention of the series is the second best sc-fi movie of the year. It handles time travel better than any movie I've ever seen.

4 - Fantastic Mr. Fox - Reviewed here, check it's FANTASTIC

3 - Moon - Isolation, insanity, depression...Who could ask for anything more?! Moon is my favorite science fiction film of the year and if you get the chance to see it you'll understand why. This is classic science fiction at it's best.

2 - Inglourious Basterds - read the review, ya basterd!

1 - District 9 - I have a friend who argues with me on the importance of this film. His biggest arguement is that the main character is "a wimp" as he so elegantly puts it. This does nothing but prove to me that he does not get the film and is obviously a product of 80's action films. District 9 was a breath of fresh air in a year of film rife with stagnant, putrid stench. I implore anyone who hasn't seen it to do so and to watch it with an open mind and an open heart. You can read my review on this site.

Honorable mentions: Funny People, The informant!, Zombieland, Tyson

Now on to the worst of the worst...
My Top Five Worst Films of 2009

5 - X-men origins: Wolverine - Up and coming filmmakers should look at this as what not to do with special FX.

4 - Armored - Reviewed here, go take a peek....I dare you!

3 - Land of the lost - oh Will Farrell how far have ye fallen and why'd you have to take Danny McBride with you.

2 - Paul Blart: mall cop - I probably should be allowed to put this on my list. I only made it five minutes in before shutting it off.

1 - Halloween 2 - I don't usually watch remakes and I try to avoid sequels to remakes, this is the only movie I've seen this year that managed to get less than one full star, Though managed to avoid the dreaded zero stars.

(Ed. Note: I feel this needs to be mentioned. I know I watched it after the fact, but Miss March completely deserves to be on this worst of the year list. So i'm adding it an a DIShonorable mention)

Every year there's one or two movies that just get way more credit than they deserve. Now it's my turn to knock it down a peg with my...

Most Overrated Film: The Hangover - This is a film that has few laughs and the ones they have are far between. Zach Galifinakis and Ed Helms carry this movie, I would have shut it off if not for them. The one guenuine laugh they got from me was during the end credits showing the pictures on the camera.
Honorable mention: I love you, man.

On the other end of the spectrum there are films that come out that don't get the credit they deserve. A prime example of this is 2008's Role Models, but this is 2009.

Most Underrated Film: Cold Prey - This foreign horror is well worth the watch. It didn't get much promotion here in the states, sadly.

Moe's Favorite character of 2009: Dug from UP! - Dug is a pleasure to watch and a joy to listen to, he's the epitome of adorable. You just want to pet him and take him home, because you love him.
Honorable mention: Hugo Stiglitz from Inglourious basterds

Moe's Favorite performance by an actor: this was a three way tie between Sam Rockwell, Christophe Waltz and Sharlto Copley (from Moon, Inglourious Basterds and District 9 respectively)

well that's it, There's 2009 in a nutshell.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Armored - Wore pretty thin

(I did a search on google for "armored" and found this picture of a fish, it's more interesting than the movie was)

The thing I love about writing reviews for really great movies is that you allow your passion to take over and the review writes itself. I’ve had situation where I’ll start writing and next thing I know it’s an hour and half later and I have this wonderful little review staring at me and I’m proud of myself. The flip side to this is the reviews I’m forced to write for terrible movies. They can actually be as easy as the goods ones when a fair amount of humor is involved in the process. Occasionally you get a movie that actually makes you mad to even think about it and that makes the writing of the review that much harder. You force yourself to write it despite the fact that it’s actually making you mad just in the process of writing. Take a guess what kind of movie armored is…..

I’m a fan of botched heist films, they have such potential to be hilarious or can go the other way and be gripping and filled to the brim with drama and antici……………pation. Armored fails on both these fronts, this is the story of a man who’s going to lose his house if he doesn’t come up with some money. The only thing different between armored and every other movie with the same story is that the man in question (in this case Ty Hackett played by Columbus Short) isn’t the person who has the plan to get the money. Enter Matt Dillon, whose character Mike’s relationship with Ty was never entirely explained. He’s a friend of Ty’s father and possibly even Ty’s godfather? They look about the same age so I’m not sure what the deal with them is.

(this is the pace of the film)

Mike, apparently inspired by one particularly unlikely urban legend about armored truck heists, gets the idea to rob their own trucks and hide the money till the heat blows over. This concept is so flimsy that if it were a bridge I wouldn’t risk putting a hamster on it. But as is apt to happen in these kind of movies, he had already convinced 4 other guys to do it and all he needs is Ty’s approval and it’s a go. After a visit from the child welfare office (which is hilariously misinterpreted by the younger brother jimmy “I kept telling her, you got a job, we don’t need no welfare!”) Ty is in for the job on one condition, no one gets hurt. So at this point in the review you should all know how the rest of the movie plays out. Sorry to tell you, you’re all probably 100% right.

The heist goes smoothly, they go to store the money and there’s a vagrant in the abandoned building they decided to use, they shoot him, this pisses off Ty who tries to save him, they kill the vagrant and all hell breaks loose. Ty locks himself in the truck, manages to attract the cops, cop gets shot and he somehow gets the cop into the truck. Ty eventually manages to contact help and the day is saved…seriously. Mix in some obligatory chase scenes add in a handful of the expected “twists” and just a touch of tacked on Hollywood happy ending and you’ve got yourself a direct to video release that somehow managed to hit the big screen. The biggest problem with this movie, aside from just about everything, is the best actors in the film (sans Matt Dillon) were grossly underused, This would have been the Direct to video event of the year for the people who like those (my usual movie going partner among them), but in the end all you get is the most predictable, generic film of the year. The only solace I have is that in a couple of months when it finally hits DVD, if someone asks me what I thought of armored, I can look them right in the face and say “what’s that?”

One Genuinely interesting part of the movie…out of five

P.S. How bad is it that I didn't even mention Jean Reno or Laurence Fishburne?

Next up: Invictus - a last minute blood replacement (get it, I made a rugby reference!)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Dare I say it was fantastic?

There are three kinds of people in the world; those who love Wes Anderson, those who hate Wes Anderson and those who have no idea who Wes Anderson is. He’s one of those directors that seem to inspire a certain amount of loyalty in his fans; His fans will typically forgive his lesser films because they know something brilliant is always right around the corner. This was the case with the Darjeeling limited, a film that I enjoyed, but was easily his weakest film. Needless to say I am a fan of Wes Anderson’s work, in fact I don’t think he’s made a film yet that I haven’t at the very least enjoyed on some level. I remember back in the late 90’s watching bottle rocket for the first time (before I was the film junkie you see before you now) and thinking to myself “wow” and I’ve followed that man’s career since.

I want to gush about this film, I want to go on and on about how I loved everything about it, how I loved the cast and the story and the animation, but I’m going to say this first. I knew I must have had some cosmic connection to this film when it started with a limerick, taken from the book, but nonetheless…

Boggis and Bunce and Bean
One fat, one short, one lean
These horrible crooks, So different in looks
Were none the less equally mean.

That says it all right there, it was fate.

The story Begins with Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox (george Clooney and Meryl Streep respectively) in the process of stealing squab from a local farm when Mr. Fox in his infinite curiosity springs a trap. Mrs. Fox declares that she’s pregnant, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The conversation leading up to the trap sets the tone for fox and wife’s relationship. Fox does what he wants while giving the impression that he’s giving you an option, this eventually comes to bite him in his tail (while he still has it). Mrs. Fox asks him to give up thieving and for a good long while he does, but soon they move into a tree directly across from the farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean and he gets that itch for one more job and plots a heist on the farms, I won’t give away what happens, but needless to say it’s not as easy going as he suspects and eventually the farmers declare all out war on the fox forcing him and all his ground dwelling comrades into hiding.

Jason Schwartzman plays Ash, fox’s son, who is small for his age and desperately wants to be an athlete like his father was, playing the single most complicated game I have ever seen described. In this character is where we see where the heart of Anderson’s film really is. It’s the awkward dynamic between father and son where the director really seems to shine. Ash’s cousin Krsitofferson (voiced by Wes Anderson’s brother Eric) comes to live with them while his father is healing from double pneumonia and immediately the rivalry begins. Kristofferson is a natural talent, he meditates often and seems to give little effort to anything he’s doing, yet still does it flawlessly. He is both confident, yet sad. You’re reminded on several occasions that his father is sick and even though the father isn’t present you still understand the father/son relationship they have and you feel for him.

The rest of the voice cast is speckled with Anderson regulars and some surprising cameos that if you notice them you’ll chuckle. I didn’t actually notice till I read the credits at the end of the film. I’m not actually very good at picking out voices on animated films; I tend to get sucked into the story, a trait I’m very proud of. But you’ll notice the obvious ones; Bill Murray, George Clooney, Willem Defoe, Owen Wilson…etc. The biggest surprise to the cast that I got the biggest kick out of was Jarvis Cocker (lead singer of the brit band pulp) playing Petey, even performing a tune for the audience, with one of the funniest punch lines in the film or at least I thought so. And a Great little cameo from Mario Batali playing Rabbit, do I even need to mention that Rabbit is the chef? Probably not.

As is expected with a Dahl adaptation there is some wonderful word play used and as I’m not familiar with the source material I can’t say if the credit should go to Dahl or Anderson (probably Dahl), but whenever a character swears instead of simply bleeping it as would simply bring attention to it being a bad word. They simply say “cuss” the first time the audience is introduced to this it took me a second to realize what they were saying, but it soon became a running joke. Even going so far as to show one scene in the town where the word “cuss” is tagged on one of the buildings.

Badger: The cuss you are.
Mr. Fox: The cuss am I? Are you cussing with me?
Badger: No, you cussing with me?
Mr. Fox: Don't cussing point at me!
Badger: If you're gonna cuss, you're not gonna cuss with me, you little cuss!
Badger: You're not gonna cuss with me!

This is obviously played off as a joke for the adult members of the audience and a few kids may speculate what the word means, but I think once the parents let them know we may even see little kids swearing less because it’s so much fun to say “cuss”!

Fantastic Mr. Fox is just that, fantastic and is deserving of all the praise it’s been receiving, the only warning I would give potential movie goers is this. If you’re not a fan of Wes Anderson or perhaps you’ve never seen his films before, this may not be the one to start with. Watch Rushmore first and if you like it have fun with Mr. Fox. If you know you don’t like his stuff then avoid this one, it’s not going to change your mind, but as for me, I loved it.

Five fantastic foxes out of five

Next up: Armored – fantastic?