Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From Paris with Love – Mais Oui!

What is there not to love about a movie with ‘Splosions, guns, tough guys and a beautiful French backdrop? Answer: NOTHING! Reese (Jonathon Rhys Meyers in not one of his best performances) is a personal assistant to a seemingly high level figure in the ‘Merican embassy. He longs for the adventure of CIA operative work. He’s going to get his chance sooner than he realizes, enter Charlie Wax. Once Wax (John Travolta) is introduced the action is non-stop. He’s completely at home kicking the ever-loving shit out of people, stabbing them with pieces of their own guns and shooting the fuck out of them. He gets shit done, the government gets this and now they need him and Reese to break up a terrorist cell in Paris.

"Don't look the little one in the eye"

Travolta has played some pretty badass characters in his career, but I’d be hard pressed to find one more completely berserk than Charlie Wax. He’s the embodiment of everything every 12-year-old boy in the U. S. of A. wants to be and he plays it to perfection. Reese plays straight man to Wax’s nutcase through 75% of the film, but once he starts to get into what’s happening that’s when the film goes from fun to, uh…more fun? They make an amazing team and the actors play off each other like they must have had a ball making this flick!

From Paris with Love actually manages to get the feel of playing with G.I. Joe toys better than G.I. Joe did. It’s like they watched a couple of kids playing in a sandbox and said “Hey, that’d make a fun movie” and then actually made the fun movie they had in their head. If you enjoy movie tough guys, car chases, ‘Splosions and some fun gun fights then you’re in for a treat watching From Paris with Love.

Next Stop...Splosiontown

Throw in a plot twist that’s actually NOT completely predictable before it’s exposed, one of the best performances by Travolta, possibly ever and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a fun night out at the movies. Seriously, my biggest complaint is that the movie could have been 15 minutes longer, I was having a blast and I didn’t want it to end yet! Take this as my postcard to you signed…

From Paris…with love

9 Badass Tough Guys out of 10

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