Friday, February 12, 2010

Shrunken Heads

This is apparently what the DVD cover art looks like, compare that to the VHS...

Only slightly different right?

Shrunken Heads
Dir: Richard Elfman
Rated R for language and witchcraft violence (wow, really?)

“There’s an old Haitian proverb, when the ton ton macoute comes knocking, don’t answer the door” – Mr. Sumatra

Tommy and his friends have a problem; they’re too fucking honest. This honesty ends up getting Tommy, Bill and Freddie (Daris Love from Alex Mack) killed by the local street toughs, the vipers. Before I go any further let’s just remember one little thing THEY’RE FOURTEEN! Yes, this movie shows a trio of kids, just starting to sport pubic hair getting murdered in their own front yard. Needless to say this comedy has its dark moments.

Big Moe, played by Meg Foster from the “Rowdy” Roddy Piper instruction film about putting on the “damn glasses” They Live, is the leader of the local crime syndicate and the vipers work for her. After the deaths of the main characters she pretty much takes control of the neighborhood, but that won’t last long. Mr. Sumatra has plans for the heads of the three underage victims and with his help they will soon have their revenge.

The Make up used on Meg Foster to Make Big Moe are amazing...wait what?, this is the wrong Big Moe? oh, sorry

Mr. Sumatra, it is agreed amongst most of the people I know who’ve seen this, is the single best thing about this film. He speaks in a plodding cadence and uses words like “malefactors” and speaks frequently about his time in the Haitian police. He’s also a high voodoo priest and uses this ability to bring back the boys as floating shrunken heads (hence the title). Each boy has their own “superpower” Tommy is an electroball, Bill sports vampire fangs and bites people and Freddie (I’m assuming because he’s black) rocks a switchblade in his mouth and slices “malefactors” necks. At first they use these powers to take "malefactors" out and turn them into zombie like creatures who are compelled to weed the gardens and pick up litter, oh and they have a total lack of bowel control (thankfully the only fart jokes in the movie). There’s also a brief, but apparently very important subplot involving Tommy and his love interest Sally (Becky Herbst, who’s now on a daytime soap opera) she’s very important because (according to Mr. Sumatra) “only a girl who has not had a male’s member inside of her may perform…” certain voodoo rites.

"now go out an punish the malefactors, then come back to my condominium"

This was Bosh’s first time seeing Shrunken Heads and about my Fourth (because I own it and like to show it to people) and good times are usually had by all when watching it. The music is fun (provided by Richard band and the opening theme by Danny Elfman…hmm wonder how they got him?). The special FX are actually quite good for a straight to video low budget feature and the dialog is witty and sharp. Believe me you’ll be quoting Big Moe and Mr. Sumatra for quite some time.

Moe: 5 out of 5

P.S. Don’t judge the film by its terrible tagline “They’re superheroes from their heads…to their necks”

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