Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Green Jello – Cereal Killer

This is less a review and more a “Hey! Remember this thing?” blurb. I was rummaging through the shelves at the local VHS dealer (Time Tunnel in West Haven, CT check it out if you’re in the are and can find the friggin thing) and found it just sitting there so I decided to buy it and watch it for old time sake. I kinda wish I hadn’t. Nostalgia is a good thing some times. I immediately regretted my decision to watch it, it definitely does not live up to my memory of it. I guess they were right Green Jello does suck, guess I should have listened back then. HA!

Not pictured: Tucan son of sam

The only thing of note about Green Jello you might not have known is that the backing vocals on “three little pigs” was done in part by Maynard from Tool. You might even remember they had another song where they mention, “Maynard and poopie are both good names” again they’re mentioned Maynard from Tool. If my memory serves me I believe that’s because he was a friend of the band.

Actually there is one other thing I found amusing, that’s the near perfect spoof of the red hot chili peppers they do with the song “trippin on XTC”. But all in all if you like jokey character based performance metal, frankly you’re better off with GWAR.

At least this didn’t rape my childhood as bad as Revenge of the fallen did.

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