Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Young Einstein - You Serious?

Young Einstein

You probably didn’t know this, but Albert Einstein was a genius. He discovered gravity, carbonated beer, invented rock n’ roll music, enjoyed surfing and discovered atomic energy (splitting a beer atom with a hammer and chisel) all while sporting a pretty rockin coif. I recently sat down and watched this fascinating documentary about the man. He led an incredible life.

Einstein shown inventing "Roll and Rock" Music

Like, did you know that Einstein was Tasmanian and that he once had a relationship with Marie Curie? Or that he seemed to have a perpetual supply of apples in his pocket at all times? You probably didn’t know that, OH or that he lived in a whorehouse (er, uh, I mean hotel) bet you didn’t know that either.

Shown here with Ms. Curie during his brief stint in the asylum

OK I have a confession. I was fibbing. Young Einstein is a work of fiction. I feel bad for my deception. Yahoo Serious (born Greg Pead, but name legally changed to Yahoo) plays a fictitious Albert Einstein and you know what. The man is pretty damn funny. Despite the plethora of goofy and borderline groan inducing jokes the majority of the film is quite entertaining.

Yahoo is the master of the throwaway gag; whether it be a man grabbing an axe to break the emergency glass so he can get...wait for it...AN AXE, an evil cook baking a pie with live kittens in it (saved, of course, by Einstein before baked), washing dishes in the bathing tub (with him in it), showing the Wright brothers as one black and one white or the homemade steam engine boat. There is a very Naked Gun-esque style of humor used in his films, though probably one of the reasons Young Einstein hasn’t lived on so well is that the naked gun movies are a hard thing to live up to.

Oh Yahoo, you cut up!

At the end, it’s the magnificent power of Rock n’ Roll music that saves the day, which of course makes sense seeing as this takes place in 1906. Young Einstein is not a perfect film, but it’s a fun comedy and it’s a sad fact that Serious’ Other two films didn’t fare as well as this one did, but more on them later. This is Yahoo Serious week after all

"It's gotta be rock n roll music, if you wanna dance with me"

7 out of 10

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