Thursday, March 25, 2010

Movie Posters

It's a known fact that the best way to show your love for a movie is with a movie poster. Not too long ago I was looking for some posters to decorate my cube at work and a buddy of mine did me a solid and hooked me up with some of the coolest movie posters, stuff way too classy to even be mentioned on here! I kid, we're very classy. Here's what I got:

The Kid, the only thing I love more than crap cinema is silent era comedy

La Dolce Vita, Fellini at his finest an amazing film with amazing art

Who doesn't love Ghostbusters?!

and the cream of the crop, this The day the earth stood still poster is suitable for framing and when I take it home I probably will do just that. I love the giant hand grasping the earth, classic movie art right there.

I figured since I loved these so much I would throw a plug over to the site where these came from. Go check it out...Poster Revolution

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Keep your eyes here too I'll be posting the long overdue review for The Wizard Starring Fred Savage this afternoon.

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