Thursday, March 11, 2010

Favorite Film Drunks!

Seeing as it’s almost St. Paddy’s day and since this is my 100th post I figured I’d do something a little different from my usual reviews and general insanity. I thought to myself “Self, what’s a horribly racist stereotype I could exploit during this time of celebration?” “I know!” I said to myself “The Irish are drunken lushes, I could exploit that. Since we’re a movie blog what better way than to list off my favorite imbibers of potent potables.

My Top Ten Favorite Film Drunks:

10. Withnail – Played by the incredibly talented Richard E. Grant. The struggling actor Withnail brings drinking to new heights in the classic pitch black comedy Withnail and I, making liver damage almost look appealing.

9. Arthur – I usually don’t like Dudley Moore, but loved him as Arthur, a drunk on a new level. Probably best if you skip the unnecessary sequel.

8. Frank the Tank – Will Ferrell, as it is well known is a giant man-child. But it’s Old School’s Frank the Tank that propelled him into the comedic stratosphere.

7. Bob and Doug Mckenzie – I know already that I’m gonna get angry mail for not putting them higher on the list, but seeing as this is a personal list I’ll tell you to TAKE OFF, YA HOSER! The best drinking part of the film is bob drinking an entire vat of beer, classic.

6. Landfill (and Landfill) – Kevin Heffernan delivers a great performance as the chugger of the U.S. Beerfest team in Broken Lizards’s Beerfest. Landfill attempts to do what Bob did and isn’t quite as successful, but opens it up for one of the best gags of the film.

5. Henry Chinaski/ Randy 'The Ram' Robinson – Mickey Rouke’s Fictional portrayal of Charles Bukowski is perhaps the standout role of the first half of his career. Coincidentally the standout performance of the second half of his career is also an amazing portrayal of a drunk.

4. Charlie Mcfadden – I won’t hold it against you if you don’t recall Charlie. He’s not a huge character in the first Critters flick, but he becomes very important in the others. In the first you may recall he’s a very washed up drunk and it’s a great little character.

3. Willie – I love irreverent humor and I think making a mall Santa/ Thief into a surly drunkard is about as bad as it gets. This is why I love Willie from Bad Santa so much. “I never fornicated with anyone”

2. Coach Buttermaker – The coach of the bad news bears, Walter Matthau plays Coach Buttermaker, a character who gives kids beer and is so utterly (and comedically) repugnant you can’t help but love the guy!

1. Bluto – How could he NOT be my favorite, there is not a single thing not to love about John Belushi’s best known character. A man so drunk he’s carrying a zero point zero GPA. Brilliantly funny.

When he smashes the bottle in satisfaction after guzzling the entire thing, now THAT is a drunk!

Let me know if I forgot any or what your favorites are


  1. Awesome list! Your top 3 are perfect!! :)

  2. As I was scrolling down I was thinking "He better have put Bluto in the #1 spot.

  3. Amanda: Thanks, they're great characters

    Anon: you know one else deserves that #1 spot

    and I did manage to think of one more I forgot who is awesome. so honorable mention goes to:

    John Mahoney's W.P. Mayhew in Barton Fink, he's not in it for long, but he's throwing up when you meet him and he immeditaely starts drinking and is drunk every other time you see him.