Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buttcrack - Say No to Crack


"We're all the end" - brilliant tagline!

Wade is the roommate we’ve all had at some point or another. Utterly lacking in self-awareness (and belts). He’s always singing and plays Atari (not that that’s a bad thing) all day. He’s obnoxious, has an irritating voice and best (read: worst) of all, his Buttcrack is constantly hanging out.

Brian just wants his life back; he’s been suffering with Wade since the beginning of school and wants him gone so he can marry his girlfriend. By some freak chance, Brian is arguing with Wade one day about his lunar exposure and Wade decides to take a bath after slipping on some vomit and blasts his music. Brian confronts Wade about his music and the radio accidentally falls into the tub killing Wade and his ever-northern creeping crevice.

Aren't you happy I keep it so classy here?

The problem is, Buttcrack has a Voodoo priestess of a sister, who really just looks like an angry low budget Goth (which is what she is). She figures the best way for him to get his revenge is to bring him back as a zombie. Of course there’s an odd condition to it, someone has to say the word Buttcrack 12 times in one breath. Needless to say, because it wouldn’t be much of a movie if someone didn’t, it happens and he comes back. Now it’s up to Brian, his girlfriend, his best friend and preacher man Bob (played over the top by Mojo Nixon)to stop him, if they can.

“God…is in my shoes, he’s in my pants, he’s making me do a little dance” – Preacher man Bob

Buttcrack is the non-zombie zombie film. It’s a ridiculous comedy about a man brought back from the dead to get his revenge, but couldn’t care less about it. Thankfully for us Troma (if you don’t know who Troma is, shame on you) has a very specific taste in comedy and for the most part their movies are pretty hilarious. In a gross out or juvenile sort of way, Just how I like it! Beside the music by Mojo Nixon, the best part about this movie is that Wade can turn people into the undead when they look at his Buttcrack. It’s really crazy and I think this movie isn’t for everyone but those of you with an insane sense of humor or are a fan of Troma will probably enjoy this. Now I must be off, I've got to "churn the milk and make it butter" as Buttcrack would say.

7 out of 10

You've got to give Buttcrack some credit, it predicted the saggy pants trend and the exposed buttcrack trend well before 14 year old girls were paying $90 a pair for jeans that sat too low and had their asses hanging out. Good job Buttcrack, you trendsetter!

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