Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mr. Accident – Seriously

Mr. Accident

It’s almost a shame that Yahoo Serious only made three films. Unfortunately there’s only so much of a market for his style of slapstick comedy. I have a feeling that if he weren’t the one writing/directing and producing all his pictures there would have been more than just the three. His third film Mr. Accident was released about seven years after Reckless Kelly and more than a decade after his biggest hit Young Einstein.

Pictured: Yahoo creating art con sombrero

This time around Yahoo plays Roger Crumpkin, he comes from a long line of parts people. At an early age he gives up on imagination (surprising, given his wardrobe) and dedicates his life to parts or more specifically taking things apart. Somehow he lands himself a job as a maintenance guy at a local egg factory, though it is surprising he keeps the gig based on his propensity for destroying things. This fact means nothing seeing as his job is basically a plot device to keep the story going and actually means nothing. As typical in Serious’ movies it’s just there for opportunities for prat falls and sight gags.

Plenty of prat falls due to this non-osha compliant bar

The story, in a nutshell, is that the brother of the head of the egg factory takes over and has a clandestine plan to make eggs addictive by feeding tobacco to the chickens. While this is all going on Roger is trying to start a relationship with a woman who has a propensity for fixing things (see they’re perfect for each other), but he doesn’t know that she’s the ex of his now boss. So it's basically up to Roger to take down the big bad boss and save himself, his flatmate, his new girl and the world from the evil plan. Will he succeed? A betting man would say no, but seeing as this is basically a romantic comedy you already know he wins.

None of that is even all that important anyway, as with the other Serious films you’re on board for the physical humor and the sight gags and trust me, there’s plenty. There’s big butt humor, addiction humor, things falling apart, Roger setting about rube goldbergian like series of events that usually end in someone covered in some thick liquid or with his apartment filled with feathers and filling with water. There are more than enough crotch shots and of course the awkward attempts of Crumpkin to pick up chicks at a bar.

Mr. Accident may be Serious’ most sincere picture, but I just can’t get past the man’s hair. I get that it’s a reoccurring theme of his work, but in Mr. Accident it’s way out of control and it distracts from the jokes and fails to enhance them, like in Young Einstein. Regardless though, Mr. Accident is a fun flick and I think if you’re afraid to commit to 90 minutes of Yahoo Serious alone, invite some friends over and make a night of it. It’s a great flick to make fun of (in a loving manner of course).

Seriously, Yahoo?

I know Yahoo still does stuff and frankly I would love to see him attempt another film. This is the time for comebacks (or so it seems) and the man deserves one, seriously.

3.5 out of 5

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