Friday, March 5, 2010

Movies That Shall Not Be Named! - Weekend Pass

Every now and again you encounter a film so terrible that you have a hard time speaking of it after it's done. These films hold a special place of distinction here at The Movie Blog of Thunder!!!! I don't mean to end Yahoo Serious Week on a downer, but seeing as the weekend is about to start I figured I'd post a film about the weekend...

Looks like a romp right? WRONG!

Weekend Pass

I can’t in all good consciousness write a full review for a film as bad as weekend pass. There are bad movies and there are BAD movies, weekend pass makes the BAD ones look good. Weekend pass started off strong enough; great premise, decent enough cast and an opening theme song to make the best of them jealous. Seriously, this thing will get stuck in your head and you’ll sing it for weeks after you’re done condemning the movie itself.

3 Ninjas is not good, but it's Citizen Kane compared to Weekend Pass

In a nutshell, four sailors are given a weekend pass (funny how they name these films). They rent a car and drive to L.A. and all sorts of “wacky” antics ensue. Of course, these “wacky” antics consist of nothing wacky at all. The “funny” one does some stand up, the black guy picks up a chick, the “ladies man” has a shitty date with a chick way out of his league and realizes he’s pathetic and the “nerd” (who also happens to be the best character in this steamy pile) gets a topless message from an Asian woman (that is also the best scene in the film). Don’t waste your time with weekend pass, there are dozens of other (read: better) romps out there.

1 out of 10

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