Tuesday, March 16, 2010



It was a pretty normal day until THEY arrived.

The Brown’s live in a small Kansas town called Grover’s Bend. By chance a space ship containing an evil little race of hungry little shits crashes there and thus begins a long night of terror for one small town. The Krites figure while they’re there, they might as well grab a quick bite to eat. They’re not known to be picky; they’ll eat anything. The problem is, when they eat they get bigger.

I have a hard time making fun of critters. Sure I could say it’s a cheap gremlins rip off, but it’s not. One could make the argument to me that it’s full of clichés, but they’d be wrong (they’re clichés today, but back then they were still fresh ideas). One might even have the audacity to try and tell me that the critters themselves are silly looking, this couldn’t be farther from the truth; they’re like little piranhas that get bigger and more terrifying. They have multiple rows of teeth, an insatiable appetite and shoot poison quills at you to knock you out. See the fact is it’s a really great movie.

How can you make fun of this, they're terrifying!

When I finally watched critters again after many years I decided I wasn’t going to even write a review for it because it’s so good (it doesn’t even come close to being crap cinema). Eventually I came to the conclusion that I should write a little something for it because the sequels truly do belong here and I didn’t feel right jumping right to part 4 (which takes place in space by the way). So here you go, Critters is awesome, go watch it.

9 out of 10


  1. Glad to hear Critters is still good with age. I always loved the Bounty Hunters, especially the bowling alley scene.

  2. Critters 2 is actually still pretty good with age, but a dose of Eddie Deezen is what stops that one from sucking. 3 and 4 on the other hand...well lets just say wait for my reviews.