Friday, July 22, 2011

I was a teenage TV terrorist – from the Cinemasochist files

Look Troma I love you, I really do. You've given me some of the happiest moments of my life and garnered an appreciation for sleaze in me like no one else. I've experienced things with you that I would never have been able to experience with anyone else. It's with this that I have a certain level of expectation when I pop in a Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Hertz production. Sadly when I was done with I was a Teenage TV Terrorist I was so disappointed and upset I debated about ending my long standing love affair with you, but I can't quit you you big dumb animal!

I was a teenage TV terrorist starts in a cozy little 'burb where Paul is a two bit no goodnik and his gal Friday, Donna is an actress. The piece of shit gets in trouble and is shipped off to his father in the big city. He takes Donna along for the ride. Pops, not wanting to show nepotism, puts Paul in the lowest paying job there is at his 9th rate local cable channel. Soon  enough Paul is stealing from them and before long gets caught. This whole waste of a subplot leads to Paul and Donna becoming disillusioned with the “system” and decide to become “media terrorists”. This idea had so much potential for funny hijinks and crazy explosion FX, but instead they decide to use it as a forum to talk about their dislike of the pablum that modern TV had become.

The faces of terrorism
While I agree with the sentiment and can understand why Troma would put this out, it has a lot in common with Troma's ideology in regards to free speech and originality. This movie fails on so many other levels that the good aspects are lost in a sludge of shit and painful head bashing (with a hammer I found in the garbage, thank you). There's absolutely nothing else I want to tell you about this movie. So if you've ever been tempted to see this steamy pile, just sit back and enjoy the box art because that is significantly more interesting (and highly misleading might I add). Avoid this like the plague and if you must watch a Troma movie, but don't want to watch the obvious choices, watch Club Life, Killer Condom, Blood Hook or Hollywood Zap...all enjoyable.

1 groan inducing act of TV terrorism out of 5

Drink up, We've got GOOD movies to watch

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