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The problem with Darkman is this, it's not quite dark/gory/violent enough to appeal to the horror genre kids, but is too bleak and depressing to be appealing to comic book super hero fans. I state this is a problem, but not necessarily a bad thing. The combination of bleak, violent, dark, and depressing works perfectly to create a surprisingly fun Sam Raimi film. It defies genre definition by being original, but suffers accessibility in this.

Darkman is the story of Dr Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson, doing his finest 'Merican accent) a scientist working on an artificial skin for burn victims. Can we say “foreshadowing”?  Through no fault of his own winds up getting his lab(read: ass) BLOWED UP. When he wakes weeks later in the hospital he finds himself minus a large portion of his skin and any pain receptors. So now with his adrenaline fueled super strength and inability to feel pain he does what any other sane man would do. He sets up shop in an abandoned factory and continues his research/ plans his revenge. This is, of course, after he find the coolest hat and jacket combination in recorded history.

Turns out a baddie named Durant (played by the villainicious Larry Drake) is helping out the boss of Peyton's girlfriend to pay off key members of the building committee. I guess this is a bad thing because Peyton gets himself killed because of it. I really don't remember why they went after him and not his lady, Julie (Frances Mcdormand). I mean, it's HER fucking paper!

Jump to after the splosion and now Peyton (ne, Darkman) starts creating masks of the baddie's gang and using them against themselves in some truly inspired pranks. Durant kills off more of his own gang  due to Darkman's shenanigans than Darkman ever does. Eventually he even takes the guise of Durant himself to get him arrested so he can play dress up and steal more money from him. This leads to the inevitable scene of Durant and “Durant” yelling “kill him” “NO, kill HIM!” until Darkman's face melts off. That's the joy of having a 99 minute kill time, you melt in public, how embarrassing!

Julie discovers Peyton's deformities just in time  to be kidnapped by her boss. Julie is the nosiest bitch ever, she just HAS to find that “missing” memo again. Finish things out with one of the most action packed third acts I've ever seen, a fun (yet predictable) twist and a great rivet gun fight. Darkman is one for the ages. If you can get through the occasionally dull second act you won't be disappointed in the closer.

4 ½ “That would be...just fine”s out of 5

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