Monday, April 19, 2010

My Year in Disturbing Film: Week 16 - Bring on the Puppet Gore!

A quick note about last week: I know I was supposed to post a reiew for audition, but I didn't have internet for the majority of the week last week. I was unable to watch the film so I've decided to bypass it and will probably post a regular review for it within the coming weeks. Sorry about that....

My year in disturbing film is my weekly column where I devote a few paragraphs to the most fucked up films ever made. Each week I plan on subjecting myself to the most horrific and mentally damaging imagery my mind can handle. I can't promise you this won't be the week I wind up in the hospital...

HERE is a reminder about my rating system for these films

Hmmm so what torment is in store for me this week...

Meet the Feebles

What is the movie about?

To the untrained ear Meet the Feebles may seem like a normal, yet slightly twisted take on the puppet movie. It’s a film about a variety show with an all puppet cast. Within minutes though you’re well aware that there’s something terribly wrong with this flick.

Is the film disturbing?

Oh god yes. The thing Peter Jackson (yes that Peter Jackson, he had quite an interesting early career) forces these puppets to do is beyond fucked up. The disturbing factor is turned up a few notches in that this whole thing from the outside could pass for a kid’s film. In fact I’ve never seen this in a video store without a ton of stickers proclaiming it “adults only”.

NOT kid's fare

Where does one start with the fucked up shit going on in this thing? You’ve got a host (rabbit) who develops an STD and think he’s got AIDS. A manager (walrus) who fucks anything he can while trying to maintain a relationship with the star of the show. Speaking of the star (hippo), she’s a binge/purge eater who’s obsessed with body image and eventually goes insane and takes out a large portion of the cast/crew with machine gun fire. Puppet gore is really something you never quite get over.



So continuing with the cavalcade, we’ve got a knife thrower (lizard) who’s a Vietnam vet who has frequent flashbacks and is a heavy drug user, he also murders his first assistant accidentally during a DT fit. There’s a sleazy stage manager (rat) who makes porno in the basement and has to recruit a local panty sniffer (who winds up dying of poisoning when he sniffs borax he thinks is cocaine) to fill in for the cockroach who dies when accidentally sat on by a submissive cow. Is any of this sinking in? I’m starting to think I’m already insane and I’m not even done describing the principal cast.

Not the only hole in one that day (the others involve many many rounds of ammunition

There’s a tabloid news reporter (fly) who spends the entire movie trying to cover the story on the rabbit and has a more than memorable scene involving a toilet and the solid deposits that tend to occupy one. A slime ball (bulldog) stage performer/bouncer who helps the walrus do drug deals with a Scottish warthog. A fakir (surprisingly a human) who winds up getting his head stuck up his ass and gets it out in time to die from his bed of nails falling right on him. The director (a very gay fox) who’s a pompous jerk and the rest of the cast who consist mostly of bit characters in the chorus and a hedgehog and poodle couple who make up the romantic side story.

Ok fine, this isn't part of the movie

Meet the feebles is fucked on many levels and will probably make you curl up in a little ball and rock in the corner till your mother comes and tells you everything will be ok. Seeing as I’m 30 and no longer live with mommy…I’m in trouble. Well I’m off to go rock for a while, watch Meet the Feebles at your own risk A great film, if you’re into this sort of crazy shit…which I am!


5 out of 5

Disturbitude 9, Holy Christ is it ever deserving of this

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