Thursday, April 1, 2010

Critters 2 - Kill Krites!

Critters 2

Holy Shit! The Krites are back or more specifically they actually never left. It’s been a couple years since the events of the first movie and we find ourselves back in the same small town living the same small town lives. The brown residence has been vacant since the last incident and if you remember how part 1 ends you know there are eggs in the barn. Well the local metalhead finds them and thus begins all the trouble. Thank heavens our polymorphous bounty hunters have already gotten the call and are one their way.

Fuck you eggs, this is your fault

Critters 2 takes a lot of its queues from the first movie, just with a slightly higher bit of production value, more gore and a sillier tone thanks to the likes of the one and only (our personal favorite at the blog of thunder) Mr. Eddie Deezen! When the burst onto the scene the bounty hunters (we come to learn are named ug and lee…yes I think the pun is intended) lee is still in the form he took on in the first film. That would be the guise of rock and roll superstar Johnny Steele. Ug on the other hand has yet to find a form that fits. Thank goodness they find a playboy on their way into town or else we would have been deprived of a tit shot…hey, remember when you could show tits in a PG-13 film? If you’re under 25, the answer is probably no! So sad.

I'm guessing these two are named Ug and Lee as well

So we got these little shits running all over the place eating anything they can get their hands on and causing all sorts of calamity. This is the brunt of the flick; the critters eat shit, get shot at, roll away or gather together into a big ball and roll TOWARDS the people shooting. It’s a simple story, but it’s terribly effective. To date I know people who can’t sit through the critters movies because they are terrified of the little bastards. Frankly I totally understand why, the things can be horrifying.

You'd be scared!

Critters 2 doesn’t really expand on the premise, but gives us an interesting look on how quickly the Krites develop from hatchling to deadly killing machine. Needless to say in the end the good guys win (or do they?) and they set it up nicely for a sequel. Critters 2 is still a pretty quality film so you’ll definitely enjoy it if you liked the first one. It’s just not quite as frightening. Watch it for the tits and the Deezen and you’ll be satisfied when you’re done.

Deezen plays a brilliant double role as a fast food worker and then for a stint as Ug

8 out of 10

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