Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Top Ten Favorite Films (April Fools Prank 2010)

My Top Ten Favorite Films

10.) Armageddon -
My favorite director, Michael Bay starts off my list with his subtle tale of loss and woe. If there's anything that Bay is good at it's nuance. The man can speak volumes with the slightest shift of the camera or the use of a solar flare effect. I'm thankful most days that I live in a time when I can appreciate this future lifetime acheivement award winner while he's still producing his art.

Michael Bay enjoying a typical breakfast

9.) The Notebook -
For those of you who know me well enough it's pretty clear that I'm an unapologetic Nicholas Sparks fan. When I originally found out that they had made The Notebook (my second favorite of his works after the Last Song, which will likely replace this on the list after I see it)I was amazed at the depth of feeling portrayed by the leads and was amazed at how I couldn't get more then ten minutes without having to stop the film due to my constant stream of tears (both of joy and of sadness *I'm tearing up now just thinking about it*) I can't go on...

Makes me cry every time *sniff sniff*

8.) Must Love Dogs -
What's better than an award worthy romantic comedy. How this movie didn't sweep the oscars is beyond me. John cusack gave a tour de force performance and at least deserved a best lead male academy award. It's a film for the fans of dogs and of all of us.

Canine appreciation required

7.) Bad Boys/Bad Boys II -
As a man I find action films irresistable and with Michael Bay behind the helm it doesn't get much better than the Bad Boys movies. With skillful and competent like Lawrence and Smith playing the leads how could you go wrong. Yet another example of Bays use of shading and subtlety to portray the greater emotional spectrum that the lead actors are putting forth. A knockout punch of pure talent that you'll find yourself watching over and over again.

6.) 13 going on 30 -
There are few finer actresses than Jennifer Garner. Her cinematic range is put to the test in the existential masterpiece of a young girl flowering into an adult overnight. Much like kafka's metamorphosis minus the unnecessary Blattarian imagery. Jennifer's enuii dealing with her situation is inspired and can motivate any young girl (or grown man) to tears with empathy for her conundrum. Watch it with a rag to dry your tears and a good friend to rest your head on.

This brings me back to the days when I discovered I had sprouted breasts

5.) Daredevil -
The other half of the power couple popularly called "Aflner" stars in this, the finest example of comic movie adaptations ever created. Simply put this is the finest film based on a comic...period.


4.) Good Luck Chuck (or really any Dane Cook Film) -
One cannot discuss subtlety without mentioning the master thespian Dane Cook. My maw stands agape whene I can bear witness to the man perform his art. Not one to sully his audience's experience with dullardry or creating a manic specticle with tomfoolery. Cook stands head and shoulders about his competition by keeping himself a notch above the rest. One has not lived until they have witness Dane in his shining role as a man named Chuck. He makes me shudder with antici.....pation for his next role (I have goosebumps just thinking about it)

I have no idea what this picture means

3.) The Passion of the Christ -
As the majority of you know I am what one would call a devout Catholic and once I had heard Mel Gibson had created a passion play for the big screen I knew I had to be first in line. I camped for four days to get my tickets and when the booth opened I got myself tickets for every showing that day and the next. The film moved me to tears with it's accurate and even handed portrayal of my lord christ. Passion really is the best word to describe it.


2.) Any and all remakes -
Remakes are the backbone of the film industry. They are what keeps the inspirational juices flowing and we'd be in a worse place if they stopped making them. I cannot say a single bad thing about remakes. They are the reason I run this Blog and the reason why I continue to live without putting a bullet in my brain. I love remakes, all of them.

A prime example of my reason for breathing

1.) Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen -
I know it's the obvious choice for me given my love for the Hollywood Talent Michael Bay, but allow me this indulgence this once. I want to give all my love to the man who has gone out of his way in the last decade to give me everything I've ever wanted in a film. And with Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen he managed to give me more than I could ever hope and dream for in one adroit two and a half hour package