Thursday, December 31, 2009

World's Greatest Dad - Profound

Let me pose a question; is it all right to lie if the lie turns out to be beneficial to a lot of people? Maybe I can explain that better. Lets say there’s this kid and no one likes him. He’s a pervert who’s borderline mentally handicapped. He is what most people would refer to as a douche bag. His favorite thing in life is a vagina, though it is a safe assumption that he’s a virgin. This boy likes to experiment while masturbating and peeps on his neighbors while they’re changing. Now let’s say in the act of autoerotic asphyxiation he accidentally kills himself. Ok now let’s say you’re the boy’s father and in one last act of kindness you decide to pen a suicide note for the boy and make it all seem like he was a tortured soul. The note leaks and people ask if the boy has written anything else. You, as the boy’s father, decide to take up the pen once again and write a journal for your now practically worshipped, completely idolized son….

(a new teen sensation or a twisted little pervert)

Here’s the basic dilemma in world’s greatest dad. No one likes Kyle Clayton. No one even particularly likes Kyle’s father Lance (Robin Williams). The story noted above takes place and this note and journal begin to affect people. One boy finds the courage to admit that he’s gay and later admits that he contemplated suicide, but the note and journal stopped him from doing it. The token Goth girl posthumously falls in love with Kyle. His image adorns everyone and practically everything in the school and they even want to rename the library after him. Now I pose the question again, Is it all right to maintain a lie when it’s creating a positive benefit for the masses? This is not a question for me to answer though, it can only be answered by one man, Lance Clayton and answer it he does.

Now here’s my aggravation, Robin Williams was in two movies in 2009. Bet you didn’t know that? I know you’ve heard of one of them, old dogs. A film that looked so bad just seeing the trailer made me angry and world’s greatest dad. Robin Williams has been around for a long time, He’s paid his dues and frankly should be at a point in his career where he shouldn’t have to make crapfests like old dogs. Especially when he’s proven on at least a couple of occasions that the man can act, given the right material (I’m looking right at you fisher king and one hour photo). Robin Williams plays dark beautifully and in this, writer and director Bobcat Goldthwait’s newest (yes THAT Bobcat Goldtwait) film he proves once again that he can play comedy serious and not ham it up.

Goldtwait proves that when a man knows his own material inside and out it’s only he who can evoke the emotional response required for any particular scene. He does a outstanding job with the direction in world’s greatest dad and I’m personally looking forward to seeing more work from him. To think that this is the man who spent years of his career screaming and talking funny as the punch line to his joke. Actually his small cameo in the film he speaks perfectly normal and I was almost a little weirded out by that, expecting him to bust in like his Zed character on police academy. I suppose I’ll just have to get over that on my own time.

World’s greatest dad is a profound and heart wrenching dark comedy by a man taking his first steps towards his future status as master of his craft. Let’s hope he doesn’t follow this up with a sequel to hot to trot.

5 accidental suicides out of 5

Next up: We’ll see, I’ve got several to choose from, but most likely black dynamite!

P.S. I just snapped some nice up skirt photos and I’m gonna choke myself while I masturbate to them, dial 9 and 1 and if I look like I pass out dial the other 1. Thanks.


  1. 99.9% of me hates robin williams.

    his stand up is horrible, most of the straight comedies are just as bad, but once every 5 years he knocks it out of the park in some quirky film like this... it's like he's dipped his foot half way into the bill murray "let's have an awesome second act of my career" pool.

  2. the difference being that Murray has not done anything as bad as old dogs in this part of his career