Thursday, December 31, 2009

Introduction/ a brief explanation of disturbitude and a warning!

Welcome my friends to my year in disturbing movies. Allow me, if you will in this weekly segment, to bombard your brain with some of the most disturbing imagery that some of the most disturbing filmmakers have ever put to celluloid. I bet you’re wondering why I would put myself through this sort of thing. I like to test myself; I’ve put myself through marathons of terrible movies on purpose. I’ve watched all the police academy films in one day. It’s just something I enjoy doing. It’s a great challenge and an honor to find the worst of the worst in disturbing cinema and put myself through it and then report to you my findings. I will admit a lot of these films I’ve seen already, but that’s how I know they’re so screwed up.

Disturbitude is a scale I created to describe the attitude of a disturbing film. How much is a filmmaker trying to get you in therapy? How successful are they? This all boils down to a 1-10 scale where 1 = either trying really hard and failing miserably, or not trying at all and 10 = mission accomplished, you’ll be checking in to the local mental health care facility after you’ve watched this, or perhaps even during.

A WARNING! – There will be spoilers in my reviews; I will be going into great detail of the disturbing scenes I will be watching. I do not, however, feel this is a bad thing because we all know that with this sort of thing, seeing is believing!

Also if you like what you read and feel that you have people who would enjoy my year in disturbing film or any of my film reviews, please feel free to pass this page on to them.

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