Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pajama Jammie Jam Drinking Game

It's a pretty well known fact that I am a fan of booze so it only seems to make sense that I would one day create a drinking game for a shitty movie to help make it better.

My first attempt, created with the help of my lady Jill, is for House Party 2: The Pajama Jam

The Rules:
Black Jesus! - 1 Full Drink!

When they say "Pajama Jammie Jam" - 1 Full Drink
(a full beer, full shot, full glass or wine, whatever)

Any Synchronized Dancing - 1 Drink
(a sip, a gulp, don't finish your drink)

Kid and Play Synchronized Dancing - Finish your Drink!

Kid or Play Called by their real names (I.E. Chris) - 1 Drink

Were they called by their surnames? - That deserves a drink

OH NOES! Relationship turmoil with Tisha Campbell - 1 Drink

A Sexual Advance is spurned? that's a drink - 1 Drink

Does it result in Jamal getting slapped? Take another!

WHOOPIE! - DRINK! (finish it)

Awkward or unnecessary sex - 1 Sip

Jerk off Motion WITH sound effect! - 1 Drink

Play hits on a girl - 1 Drink

She Rejects him - take another

A real performer performs for real - 1 Drink

Is is Tony Toni Tone? Did I say one? make it three!

Was that a reference to the first movie? 1 Drink

Was it about "Pops"? - Take another

Is Play fingering a wad of cash OR Chomping on an unlit cigar? 1 Drink

Zora Cock Blocking? - 1 Sip (she does this a LOT)


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